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viernes, 15 de junio de 2012

Descargar gratis Captcha Sniper 7.77 craked

Version 7.77
Captcha Destruction Kit
We told you it was one of OUR TOP goals in the last update …
Well … here it is …
The ability to add your own SIMPLE to MEDIUM captcha types!!!!
Captcha Destruction Kit allows you to:
1. Easily download or import a sample set of any types of captchas
2. Quickly perform image proccessing to preprare the captcha images for OCR
3. Configure and test the OCR settings to acheive the highest success rate possible
New Captcha Types

1. Wikimedia Math 86%
2. Expression Engine Forums 52%
3. Generic Bookmark site (this is actually used other places including RSS directories) 28%
4. Purple Yin Guestbook (easy type) 98%
5. TikiWiki 100%
6. Yap Guestbook 73%
7. Ard Guestbook 100%
8. @lex Guestbook 54%
9. Shutter Image Galleries 83%
10. ZenPhoto Image Galleries 78%

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